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  • Organic vs. Traditional Intellectuals worksheet: This handout contains pictures of famous people (including Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Angela Davis, Woody Guthrie, and Gramsci himself) and asks students to consider if Gramsci would consider them and organic or traditional intellectual. This activity worked really well for me in class -- students enjoyed it, and the ensuing discussion clarified some points of confusion. Don't forget to point out to students that Gramsci and Einstein have the same hair.


  • Gramsci worksheets covering multiple topics: Series of excellent handouts covering 1) Marx/Engels, 2) Lenin, 3) Gramsci, and 4) comparison between Marx and Gramsci.  Gramsci worksheets cover: Civil society and Political society; Low-level vs. Advanced Capitalism; the State; Hegemony; Class formation and struggle in Gramsci (compared to Marx).



  • Power Point on Gramsci (Civil Society and Hegemony): Yet another difficult diagram, yet another powerpoint (I swear the students like them...). Examination of Trump (again) as having hegemony over white working class.


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