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Overviews and Review

  • Karl Marx Jeopardy!: Review game created for Soc 101A with Riley - covers On the Jewish Question, Alienated Labor, The German Ideology, Theses on Feuerbach and The Communist Manifesto
  • Marx Mix Assignment and Activity: Creative assignment and in-class activity asking students to analyze a song in terms of Marxian theory.
  • Worksheets on Capitalism & Communism + Comparison with Gramsci: Series of excellent handouts covering 1) Marx/Engels, 2) Lenin, 3) Gramsci, and 4) comparison between Marx and Gramsci.
  • Marx Review Sheet: Review sheet identifying key ideas and concepts throughout Marx and Engels’ writings. 
  • Marx and Engels Lecture Slides.  Amusing and detailed slides for lecture on Marx and Engels (as well as comparisons with Weber/Davis and Moore).  Designed for Soc 1, but could be easily adapted to use in other courses (and perhaps to take out some scandalous materials!).


The Communist Manifesto

  • "Marx on Class" Presentation - For teaching Marx's "Communist Manifesto" or "18th Brumaire" - I developed this short powerpoint to drive home the idea that "class," in a Marxist sense, is all about ownership of the means of production, not other things (self-identification, income, etc.) that we usually associate with it.  Designed for Soc 101 with Fourcade. 
  • "Marx's Class Struggle" - For teaching Marx's "Communist Manifesto" - My students were struggling with the idea of a "dialectical" view of history, so I created a worksheet that walked them through the different 'stages' of the development of capitalism and the corresponding contradictions.  Designed for Soc 101 with Fourcade.
  • Worksheet for Marx (Community Manifesto / Utopian and Scientific): Breaking down Michael's complex diagram.
  • Communist Manifesto Worksheet: Worksheet designed to guide students through identifying key points of the Communist Manifesto.  Well designed for splitting students into groups and having them answer and present on specific topics.
  • Communist Manifesto Discussion Questions: Worksheet addressing key points of the reading.
  • Communist Manifesto and German Ideology Study Questions: Study questions for “The Communist Manifesto” and “The German Ideology.”  Designed for Soc 1.
  • Communist Manifesto Reading Response: Assignment (weekly reading response) designed to guide students through a deep reading of a selection from “The Communist Manifesto.”  Also includes questions for class discussion. It was prepared for soc 101A in Fall 06.


The German Ideology

  • The German Ideology Picture Book: Fun and useful drawing activity helping students to understand and remember “The German Ideology” by creating a class picture book.  Designed for Soc 1, but could be used for more advanced students as well.
  • Communist Manifesto and German Ideology Study Questions: Study questions for “The Communist Manifesto” and “The German Ideology.”  Designed for Soc 1.
  • Worksheet for Marx (German Ideology): Close reading of key passages plus discussion questions 




Other Writings

  • Alienated Labor Reading Response: Assignment (reading response) covering “Alienated Labor.”  Also includes questions you might use to guide discussion.


Articles and Examples

  • This article on Valentine's Day Flowers produced in Ecuador is perfect for teaching Marx.
  • This article on slate.com criticizes big philanthropic efforts from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, and asks if all that money really came at the expense of underpaid employees.

  • This article on a Bangladeshi sweatshop is especially great for talking about The Communist Manifesto or Wage, Labor and Capital.
  • This article on the production of Etch-a-Sketch is great for teaching a number of things in Marx, including Wage, Labor and Capital, the Communist Manifesto, and Commodity Fetishism.


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