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102: Fourcade

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  • Simmel Review Chart:  Simmel Review Worksheet made for Soc102 as taught by Marion Fourcade. But, due to the similarity in the general FORM of Simmel's arguments, it can be used to review many of his other essays as well.  Most undergraduate courses that assign Simmel have students read a few of his essays. Because of the breadth of topics he discusses in them, it can be hard to (1) keep track of what he says where, and (2) see how it's all connected in a broader theoretical perspective. As such, reviewing everything is especially helpful for Simmel.



Mead and Dubois


  • Mead Crossword Puzzle: My students were struggling with the morass of terms in Mead. I made them a crossword puzzle with an online generator and told them they could do it while they read. Some of them did it; it's probably more detailed than strictly necessary, though.



Berger and Luckmann


  • Seinfeld Clip on Institutionalization: This Seinfeld clip on eating candy bars with a knife and fork perfectly illustrations B&L's argument about how institutionalization happens (action, habit, type, institution). Too bad soon the students won't get Seinfeld references.


  • Berger and Luckmann: Wrap up power point. My students hated Berger & Luckmann so I put together a brief presentation to have them evaluate some research that dealt with some B&L style questions: possibilities for social change, the nature of human action, and the progressive institutionalization of the world.


  • Word Webs Activity: (Note - one GSI had luck with this. I tried it in my class and my students utterly crashed and burned, because they could not figure out how to link these concepts together.


Goffman & West and Zimmerman


Midterm Review

  • Comparative Power Point: Tables comparing the theorists on 1) Their view of human action, 2) their vision of the self, and 3) how society reproduces itself.





  • Bourdieu Objectivism-Subjectivism Chart: This chart is a worksheet I prepared for Marion Fourcade’s 102 - it is a summary of a section of Wacquant’s introduction in Invitation to Reflexive Sociology that introduces Bourdieu's approach in view of the strengths and weakness of the objectivist and subjectivist traditions. Can give blank chart to students for group work. 


  • Bourdieu (review) Taboo - on some level, I hate myself for doing this, but I created a version of Taboo for my students, where they had to review key concepts without using a series of terms related to that concept. It actually worked great, because the students were forced to put things in their own words. Pretty much half the class mentioned it (positively) on their teaching evaluations.


Foucault and Rubin

  • Foucault and Rubin Worksheet - The front side has the students look at two quotes about female sexuality, and evaluate them in terms of the "repression hypothesis" and Foucault's argument. The back side was extra credit, analyzing selective abortion in the context of Rubin's "The Traffic in Women."

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