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Detailed Instructions for Site Use

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To access resources:

  • Use search bar to search for particular authors, texts, or topics. 
  • Navigate resources using the file folder system on the right of this page.  "Pages" contain descriptions of the files uploaded, while "Files" will simply show you the names of all the files that have been uploaded into a particular folder. 
  •  The Exchange includes:
    • Standard handouts applicable in multiple courses (e.g., rubrics, standard language for section syllabi, lists of campus resources) 
    • Lesson plans for teaching particular texts or topics; lesson plans are organized by course, author, and topic
    • Activities for teaching general skills (e.g., writing, critical reading)
    • General resources and tips for GSIs (e.g., tips on dealing with student issues, links to other helpful websites, templates and ideas for activities that can be adapted to teach multiple topics)
  • Comment on high-quality materials or provide recommendations.  An easy way you can contribute to this common resource: After you've downloaded and/or used a particular teaching material, let others know if it's particularly helpful, or how you think it might be made more effective.  
  • Upload your own materials! If you've benefited from this site, please commit to giving back to keep the site useful and vibrant. 


To upload resources: 

     1) Upload your document using the "Pages & Files" tab above

     2) Find a page (or pages) for your document

    • Find any already-existing pages and/or folders appropriate for your teaching materials using the file folder system on the right of this page
    • Many resources, and particularly lesson plans, will belong on 2 different pages (e.g., author of text being taught, course in which the lesson was used) 
    • If your lesson plan pertains to a course, author and/or topic that doesn't yet have a page, thank you for adding much-needed content!  Please create a page for the course you are teaching for as well as the author and/or topic your lesson plan covers using the "Pages & Files" tab above  

     3) Link to your document on the appropriate page 

    • We encourage you to provide a brief description of the activity/resource.  You can choose not to include your name, but we think you should take credit for your contribution to our department's teaching (and for saving all of us a little time)! 

     4) Tag your document 

    • Make your document more easy to find with the site's search capacity by tagging it with relevant topics, authors, readings, and courses. 


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